About the Team of TopCSGOBettingSites

As a team we decided that our passion for gaming and our love of betting could be easily combined so that we can bring all of our combined knowledge on both together to create an extremely informative website. With eSports quickly on the rise it is now more beneficial than ever to start paying attention to this fairly lucrative betting option.

Alex Turner

My favourite thing about gaming is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter how physically able you are, how old you are or how good you are, anyone can pick up a controller and mash some buttons to aim for victory. It’s much like betting in that respect. On the surface just about anyone can give it a go and enjoy it but underneath there is a much harder layer to crack, one which holds all the rewards for those who truly understand and master the game. It has long been considered that video games involve gambling on some level, so we thought, why not just go all out and combine the two? If you love gaming and understand how it works then why not make some money on the side too, right?

Sophie Connelly

I have many happy memories of playing video games as a kid. From Mario to Half-life I was there, loving every minute of it. As I got older that passion for gaming still remained, but it was also joined by a passion for betting. From my very first bet on a horserace I was hooked, the sport had new meaning for me, an excitement that was otherwise missing. So, when eSports reared its head a few years ago I was fully on board. Not only can I watch the games I love being played, I can also bet on my favourite teams and feel like I am part of the match in some way, like I am part of the team along with all of their other supporters. It is truly a feeling like no other and we hope that you will soon share that feeling with us.

Hayden Slater

My most played game on Steam is CS:GO. I used to play it every night, all night when I got in from college. I still play it quite a lot, but it’s just a shame that it feels somewhat less balanced than it used to, however now, thanks to the rapid rise of eSports, I feel completely reinvested in a game I used to once adore more than my own family. Betting has never been made easier thanks to the use of the internet and betting on something that you are passionate about is more fun and thrilling than ever. With the rise of eSports, I now feel as though I am a part of the game again, that I am a part of this massive community that has been built up by Valve over the years. I can’t wait to see where the bright future of eSports will go next, just make sure that you’re there for the journey.

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