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As far as other plains of existence go, eSports betting does land an extra dimension to the whole thing of sharing in the triumph of your digital sports team. Hands down, CSGO live betting has arrived and seems to be hell bent on staying for as long as there is any action surrounding the first-person shooter, i.e. it is not going anywhere.

Short of being some ill-executed fanfares, CSGO events draw thousands of people and easily overshadow mainstream sporting events, signaling potential investors the profitability of the sector. In terms of plunder, there seems to be plenty to go around for everyone – TV Networks, eSports bookies, your average CS GO enthusiast, and hardened and laic punters alike. Be that as it may, CSGO live betting is deeply entrenched in the culture of the average CS viewer and we would be hard pressed to find a respectable bookie which does not offer live betting odds on CS GO. Lock and load, boys here comes the reckoning.

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Oh You Beautiful Thing – CSGO Live Betting on Looks

Comparison  between CS:GO and other live betting games First-personshooters (FPS) continue to draw the steadiest interest on the part of viewers

CSGO live betting is quite the lucrative trade and an important tool in the kit of any eSports bettor. The game commands one of the top places it terms of market share of eSports betting as a whole. First-person shooters are also a leading segment in the industry and enjoy a fair lick of popularity. That is hardly it. Events such as DreamHack and Intel Extreme Masters continue to outsell their mainstream rivals from the physical world. CS GO also steals the spotlight when it comes to viewership from traditional-media-turned-eSports-broadcasters. For all its boons, CSGO live betting mostly whips up excitement among viewers and holds their minds in fascination as the virtual carnage unfolds unabated. Now that we have cast CSGO live betting against the background of some hard numbers, let us see how we can make the most of it.

In a glimpse, CS:GO appeal is grounded in its:

  • Accessibility as an eSports
  • Huge audiences both online & offline
  • Large-scale events which embody a solid community

On the part of investors, what drives interest and prize pools:

  • Audience of youngsters with plenty of disposable income
  • Marked shift towards eSports and eSports proliferation
  • Growth of revenues in terms of advertisement, sponsorship, and media rights

Revenues from eSports are on the GO, and so are revenues from eSports betting. Punters today clearly have their minds set on squeezing out additional profit from their pastime and there is no shame in that. In addition, punters can easily turn their hobby into a lucrative little side gig, because CS:GO betting does pay off.

CSGO live betting lands another dimension to betting, and no mistake, but it also increase the scope of betting available for eSports betting enthusiasts and hardened professionals alike. What does make CS:GO live betting so appealing for the average punter today?

  • Familiar and easy to grasp
  • Loads of events & hefty prize pools
  • Great odds across all eSports bookies

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The Ultimate Guide How to Be Successful at CSGO Live Betting

In order to be successful at CS GO live betting, you need to follow several easy steps which will pretty soon prove effective little stratagems for one-upping even the experienced eSports bookies.

Load yourself with patience

It is true, the success to any eSports betting, CSGO live betting included, is to know your subject well. eSports are inherently easier to notch up a profit at. For the most part, eSports punters tend to be intimately familiar with key aspects about the lives of teams and players. They follow their live streams on streaming service providers such as Twitch. Moreover, eSports betting is a relatively fresh segment, which demands a lot of effort on the part of bookies, the majority of which are still struggling to turn a profit. Amid some bleak financial indicators, bookies are still successful to squeeze a profit, however scant. Punters are the ones to walk with rich pickings from it all, as 90% of all sports offers generate a loss for bookies.

Know Your Odds

Having an inherent knowledge of the game and the competitive scene is what makes a good punter that.

Live odds tend to change at a heady speed and risk-chancers need to be prepared to act promptly when the tidings are different from what is initially anticipated. Two rules of thumb still very much exist:

The earlier you lay a bet, the greater your yield

As it means you have beaten bookies to the punch and have teased out a trend that has remained largely obscure for eSports books.

Prepare yourself for adversity

You may rely on one of the top bookies cash out function, which will allow you to withdraw your bet and walk away from a bet before it has been settled. Alternatively, bookies seeking to retain profit may ask you, ahead of time, to settle the bet with a sure “walkaway amount,” in a bid to consolidate their profits.

In addition

Live odds tend to be quite proliferous in nature, and you have:

Pistol rounds

First-person shooter statistics compared

First-personshooters (FPS) continue to draw the steadiest interest on the part of viewers

Pistol rounds are a great way to boost one’s odds. Curiously enough, there are teams that tend to lose their pistol rounds, even to weaker teams, and as is the nature of eSports, the underdogs are not a rare phenomenon.

Hypothetically, a strong team loses the initial gunfight against little-known opponents. Suddenly, the odds for the favorite slump. However, a savvy punter would still know that well-seasoned teams have a way of coming back to the top. When such an event occurs, you may trust your gut and bet heavily on the ill-turn-of-events and then expect a greater return as soon as the favorite has drubbed the aspiring underdog. This is just an example of how punters tend to beat bookies, as it is more than a matter of simple odds crunching.

Case in point: During the IEM Katowice, team FaZe had a rather rough time at pistol rounds, but still managed to win most of their match-ups right up to the playoffs. All punters have to do is wait for a team such as FaZe to show a temporary weakness and splurge up even more for better yields.

Micro bets and faulty reception

CS:GO live betting is truly exciting and profitable, HOWEVER you need to be aware of one simple truth: bookies know results ahead of you, and their odds change quickly. Services such as Twitch have a sort of mini delays, which stops them form broadcasting the results in real time. We advise against betting on matches that are tied and nearly over, such as 14:14, simply because the bookies know the outcome before you. Knowing this confers a great advantage on any future betting transactions you set out to do.

Know your maps

No doubt, CS GO live betting can bring in a hefty stream of revenues for the savvy punters, but on one’s way to becoming a well-heeled bettor, one ought to drop the emotional and replace it with considerate observations. Level-headedness in the heat of battle usually translates in greater wins for risk-chancers.

Let us consider the map conundrum. Many bettors would bet heavily in favor of a given team if they prove victorious in the first map of a match up. Now, this has its pitfalls. You need to always base your bets on a WHY-BECAUSE relationship.

Just because a team drubs their opponents in the first clash, does not mean the said team will be victorious moving forward. That is why punters need to have a good look at what is currently going on. So, the team you are plumping for is demonstrating a higher level of play and that is why money is directed their way? That is fine, however if it is just a constellation of happy events, bear in mind luck may soon run out.

CSGO Live Betting Stuck Between TV Set and Smartphone

No CS GO live betting is complete without making full use of all the technologies available at one’s fingertips these days. A survey of the betting terrain today would quickly reveal that mobile betting has come to dominate the world of eSports betting and there is small wonder to that. Viewership from eSports buffs tuning in with their smartphones has also been on the rise, spawning two distinct features bookies tend to have these days: mobile betting and live streaming.

It would appear that to the average punter, having the freedom to leave the house and continue to bet comes as a no small comfort, and people will be even more reluctant to be tied down to a spot or a computer in order to bet. To this end, eSports bookies have designed excellent mobile betting apps, which neatly accommodate all the functionalities of their desktop versions.

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To make things better still, eSports bookies complete the offer with live streaming. Simply put, CS:GO live betting is now quite feasible from your smartphone as you can follow how a match you have wagered on unfolds in real time.

Smartphones allow for other perceived advantages of the whole betting process. You can easily circumnavigate the sea of betting odds, weighing anchor at harbors that seem hospitable and avoiding those that are downright suspicious. Today, bettors can easily juggle odds, meaning they can simply opt to forgo a bookie and its odds and favor another one. In a word, browse, compare and try to make an informed decision. With such proliferation of betting odds and offers, it may prove a tad difficult, can’t it?

Just Starting Out Live, CSGO or Otherwise

First-person shooter statistics compared

A quick statistics of popular and high-flying teams. You may tap into similar statistics to ensure that you have a better understanding of the eSport title of your choosing.

Treading out and laying your first eSports bet on CSGO is a daunting task. We understand the trepidation and the uncertainty around it, as well as the heady feeling of contentment at the prospect of a possible win. To truly lodge one’s foot in the CS:GO live betting scene, however, one needs to be careful.

  • Start small and scout out a few teams you find interesting. Pick your own criteria before you plump for a team – it may be their success rate, nationality or how much they are worth or earn.
  • Once you haveselected a team to root for, start tracking them across all bookies. This way you can taste what odds juggling means, i.e. finding out the best offers across various bookies.
  • Minimize any potential losses by betting a fraction of your income at first. The goal here is to understand the ins and outs of eSports betting as a whole.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the game as it transpires lest you miss something important and find out about it only later in a dull brief on the Internet. For any CS GO live betting we would advise you to tune in for the game.
  • Lastly, remember to love what you do. CS GO live betting works better if you take pleasure in it. eSports and all concomitant activities have been specifically designed to bring pleasure to eSports buffs and punters. Plus, if you pay attention to what is going on with the game, you are less likely to miss something that is game changing.

The Game is On аnd CSGO Betting Moves On

CS:GO live betting is the logical development of online eSports betting. It offers sufficient excitement to keep punters’ interest piqued and quite the tangible opportunity to rake in riches, turning eSports betting into more of an art than a game of chance. With so many bullets flying around, you may be easily hit by a sudden urge to participate in the mêlée and walk away with a pot of winnings while opposing teams exchange salvos of fire.

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